August 20 Visual Update

First big update since release with a ton of fixes and a few features mainly suggest by our discord community! The speedrunners are getting a ton of fixes which make multiple runs in a row more accessible, makes restarting easier and not having to reset your save file (hopefully) anymore. 

We also took a look at our visuals and decided they could be tuned a bit. So the game should be overall more pleasing to look at.

Apart from that, we replaced two bad jokes and made them even punnier. 

Check a full list below with all major fixes

We also updated the store to shows the games new visual look.


  • Fixed two bad puns by replacing them with better humor!
  • Added "Restart speedrun" and "Restart Level" as bind able keys
  • Adjusted minor balancing in a few levels in world 3
  • Improved the visuals with better contrast and lighting
  • Added more ambient effects
  • Added speedlines for when you go fast, so it feels even faster!


  • Fixed time resetting, when restarting a level in the transition after dying.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the savefile from recognising that you beat the game
  • Fixed random floating visuals in the later levels
  • Fixed the last Bonus level - it is now actually beatable! (still f***ing hard though)
  • Various other small bugs.

Files 241 MB
Aug 20, 2019 239 MB
Aug 20, 2019 238 MB
Aug 20, 2019
Windows Full Game Installer 209 MB
Aug 20, 2019
Linux Demo 211 MB
Aug 20, 2019
Mac Demo 209 MB
Aug 20, 2019
Windows Demo ZIP folder 208 MB
Aug 20, 2019
Windows Demo Installer 193 MB
Aug 20, 2019

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When will the livesplitter come into the game? You said it last night

The game already posts all of your times into a files when you run. But we are working on getting a standard splitter up and running.


Just tested it, I think there's some bugged score in level 1-4, you should fix that, but else awesome update !

Are you Larper from EZScape stream last night?? :D I think we talked, nice run in level 9 dude